In the Legislature

PAI advocates for the rights of Californians with disabilities through a variety of methods, including legislative and budget advocacy. PAI sponsors bills takes positions on bills and budget proposals working with legislators and their staff, as well as other advocacy organizations. The following links provide you with information about PAI’s legislative unit, our legislative and public policy principles, sponsored legislation, positions on legislation and the state budget. The links also provide information about how you can become informed and take action on legislative and budget issues. We hope you explore these links and use the resources to make your own decisions about legislation and the budget. Become involved and make your voice heard in the California legislature.disablity-21335pjl-mwnk941jmhs0z424b9gaxrc87dxdcf6u8fhmod0bi0

  • Legislative contacts at PAI
  • PAI legislative principles
  • Legislation and budget
  • Stay informed and take action